The Ground-breaking Ceremony of the 3rd and 4th Workshop in Linhai Plant

2017, The Ground-breaking ceremony of the 3rd and 4th workshop was performed in CCHI Linhai Plant. Our leader and our staffs and staffs of the construction company attended this ceremony.


The total square of this engineer is up to 14138 m2, including the 3rd workshop with area 7340 m2, the 4th workshop with area 6950m2. Both of them are single layer structure type.


The 3rd workshop consists of two spans, one span is 121.1m in length, 42m in width and 22m in height, equipped with 100ton crane; and the other span is 60m in length, 32m in width and 12.6 in height.

The 4th workshop is composed of 5 spans. Each span is 18m in width and 15m in height.


The complete of those new workshops represents the productivity of CCHI reach a new step. In this year, CCHI’s potentials will be discovered more and CCHI will enter a broader development journey.

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