Promotion Planner
Location:Qiwan Site
Dead Line:Aug 1st 2017
Job Responsibilities:

1.Participating in the promotion, planning of the company brand and the building of the system, preparing and carrying out the annual brand promotion plan, improving the company brand and developing the market.

2.Participating in the marketing activities, marketing the promotional information; having responsibility for the company brand building, assisting the leaders to preparing the brand promotion goal and the implement procedures.

3.Participating in the daily management and maintenance of the company we-media, writing and tidying the daily marketing news.

4.Taking photos for the company’s products and the delivery, assisting to organize the products exhibition activities, etc.

5.Having responsibility for the management of the information in company’s web-site, taking charge of the web design, Image display propaganda, products brochure design, propaganda brochure design or some related design work.

job requirements:

1.College degree with the major of news, Chinese, plane advertisement or related ones, having good English skills, it will be priority with 2~3 years working experience in enterprise propaganda, planning or promotion management. 

2.Having good planning skills, photography skills and strong writing skills; having unique aesthetic ability, good at creative design and familiar with the software, such as Flash、Dreamweaver、Photoshop、Coreldraw, etc. and the plane design.

3.Familiar with the plane design and craftsmanship for marks, VI, products brochure and enterprise propaganda brochure.

4.With clear thinking and having the unique opinions for the brand propaganda and planning; having the strong sense of responsibility and professional spirit, able to bearing the working pressure; having the ability of team coordination; having the strong ability of communication, judgment, planning and execution.

5.Please bring the own design or photography work when coming to interview.

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